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Why You Should Use The Specialized Coating For Your Wooden Sports Floors

So you have decided on a wooden floor for your sports facility. You might have considered various aspects when you have shortlisted or decided on wood as the surface for your sports floor. Being an excellent choice, considering the life you can expect high-performance out of a wooden surface when compared to other synthetic surfaces.

But the wooden floor does not come cheap; it is expensive when compared to other flooring options. Even so, it is durable, resilient, safe and attractive for various sports like Basketball, Badminton, Volley Ball and also for other athletic activities.

But in India, you might have come across various sports floors which are in defective shapes just after a few years of installation.  You may find some of the floors dirty, some others slippery and some floors coated with some paste to make it anti-slip, which in turn has attracted a lot of dirt and looking black and dirty. Some floors may seem worn out even within a year of installation.

Sports Floor Renovation of Bona India

This would have raised doubt in your mind – Is wood a practical surface for sports in India? And at the same time, you may wonder ” How come the wooden floors I see on TV during those NBA games and other international games look so good?”

The answer to this question is, they are professionally made and coated with specialized coatings specifically meant for sports surfaces.

Why is sports floor different from your normal wooden floor at the office or residence?

Sports floors are performance floors and the expectations and usage are different. A sports floor needs to meet strict performance standards like bounce, resilience etc. People play active games on the sports floor where they jump, slide, and do other athletic activities. The wooden floor is expected to be flexible to a good extent so that the shock is absorbed more by the floor rather than by the knee of the player.

Why do we need a specialized coating for my sports floor?

As mentioned above, the sports floor needs to be flexible. The kind of flexibility means that the individual wooden strips will move down slightly when a player jumps on the floor. A normal coating, which is never expected to take care of such movement will crack the film at the joint. Whereas a specialized coating like Bona Sportive will prevent the glueing of boards together and prevent the film cracking.

Another important aspect of the sports floor coating is slip resistance. The slip resistance of a sports floor should be perfectly balanced. It should not be slippery but at the same time, it should not have too much of grip. If the floor is slippery, the player will slip and fall and will injure himself or herself. But if the grip is too much, then that will prevent the normal leg movement during the game and the player will again be injured due to the abruptness of the end. This kind of too much grip is noticed in India where people use anti-skid paste on the wooden floor. Bona India has been a pioneer in various sports coatings for wooden floors which comply with European norms and are certified by various international bodies like FIBA.

Sports floors, being an active area where you have a lot of movement and friction requires a specialized coating which can avoid the wear and tear. So it is important that the build of the coating is good enough to protect the wood. Please keep in mind that a good coating will prevent the wear and tear of the wood and you need to re-coat the floor less often. Wood being an expensive item, this will protect your investment.

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