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Relax and enjoy the result

When you're ready for your makeover, your Bona Certified Contractor will manage everything down to the last detail. Using a dust-free sanding process, low-VOC formulations, and water-based finishes that dry in a snap, he'll ensure your revitalized floors are clean, safe, and ready for you and your family to enjoy within a day.

Unique dust-free sand process

Our Bona Contractors offer dust-free floor sanding, and you won't have to cover anything up. Or take anything down. Or clean everything from top to bottom after they've done their job. And the air coming out of the sanding machine is cleaner than when it went in, thanks to our HEPA air filters.

Safe waterbased finishes

Bona Certified Contractors use Bona water-based finishes that are very low on VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and do not leave any strong odour. You can stay at home while your floors are being treated, and slide along them in your socks just a short time after the job is done.
Step 1. Meet with a professional Step 3. The makeover

At Bona, our heritage plays an important role.We started as a family-owned coffee company in Sweden and since then we have embraced innovation and development, and grown into a multi-talented company with presence in more than 90 countries. But our heart, our 500 employees, our family, and we are still treating our customers with the same level of service and respect.

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