The makeover

Character, warmth and value added

When your Bona Certified Contractor is done you'll have a beautiful wood floor that add character, warmth, and value to your home. The difference is clear. Over time wood floors become scratched, stained, or dulled - especially in high-traffic areas. But with Bona's unique and smooth finishing process, a professional contractor easily repairs damages and brings out the rich sheen and color of the wood. Your home is transformed and revitalized in just 24 hours.

Easy to Dust, Clean & Maintain

Bona has a full range of Cleaning and Maintenance products for your floor. This means that you in an easy and effective way can take care of your floors and make them look beautiful for a long time.

Step 1. Meet with a professional Step 2. Do the Work

At Bona, our heritage plays an important role.We started as a family-owned coffee company in Sweden and since then we have embraced innovation and development, and grown into a multi-talented company with presence in more than 90 countries. But our heart, our 500 employees, our family, and we are still treating our customers with the same level of service and respect.

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