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Book a face-to-face meeting with your Bona Certified Craftsman. Tell him your vision and he'll carefully evaluate your options, and help you pick the perfect finishes and colors to suit your style. Whether you're looking for a quick-and-easy refresh or a dramatic transformation, anything is possible with Bona's Gold, Silver, or Bronze services.

The Gold Treatment - a total renewal

When the floor is severely damaged or yellowed, showing deep scratches and a completely lifeless appearance, our Bona Certified Craftsmen recommend you the Gold Treatment. It gives you a total renewal of the floor's beauty and protection - it's like getting a whole new floor, with endless possibilities!

The Silver Treatment - for a longer floor lifetime

When the top layer of a wooden floor's protective surface is slightly stained or showing light scratches, the Silver Treatment effectively restores its original beauty. The Silver Treatment gives you an excellent alternative to a full renovation, with less downtime and cost.

The Bronze Treatment - little downtime

The Bronze Treatment is a new effective way of keeping your floor beautiful, bringing a dull wooden floor back to life in an instant. This quick revival delivers remarkable results between floor renovations, and your floor is ready to be walked on after as little as half a working day or less.
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At Bona, our heritage plays an important role.We started as a family-owned coffee company in Sweden and since then we have embraced innovation and development, and grown into a multi-talented company with presence in more than 90 countries. But our heart, our 500 employees, our family, and we are still treating our customers with the same level of service and respect.

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